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I Love Divorce!

Nearly 10 years ago my wife and I took the 6 train uptown to our first couples therapy appointment. Settling in to the antique furniture, and sitting across from a vintage counselor, we both told ‘our side’ of the story,…

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Raising a Racist

It’s vivid in my mind, the memory of my childhood. I called a black girl in Mr. Rodriguez’s class a ni**er. I had no idea what the word meant, only that it was one of the many names given to…

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Who Goes to Hell

A father in Michigan raped his own daughter multiple times resulting in seven pregnancies. Each baby was aborted, keeping their sick relationship a secret from the community and the church to which they belonged, where her father was also an…

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Why PROTEST Matters

Are all Police Officers saints? Are they all corrupt? Do Black Lives Matter? Did Alton Sterling deserve to die? Was the officer justified in killing Philando Castile? Are peaceful protests ‘peaceful’, or are they ‘anti-police’ vitriol that lead to the…

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